Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I have been challenged to tell Facebook who my officer REALLY is outside of his job. FB has been flooded with negatives about cops for weeks now, and this is an effort to show that they aren't all bad people, but truly are good, honest men and women who do the job for the right reasons.

My trooper is the love of my life, a husband who leads our family with compassion and strength. He has wanted this job since Kindergarten, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

 Being a cop is not just a profession, it has a tendency to become your identity. But in all honesty, I do not usually see my husband as a cop. In fact, even after 8 years on the job, it's still strange for me to see him out on the road while he's working. The rest of the world might see him as just another police officer, but he's not just a Trooper to me.

He's a miracle baby who the doctors didn't know existed until his mother went into labor a second time after delivering his twin brother who passed away hours after birth.

He's just the man I fell in love with in high school, dated long-distance for four years, then married in 2002.

He's the man who takes such great care of our children and went without sleep when they were babies so I could rest.

He loves to watch the Detroit Red Wings play hockey.

He's the man who studies diligently for an adult Bible study class at our church that he teaches every week (and does a great job).

He's the one who defended our home and our child when we were threatened by a deranged neighbor with a weapon in our backyard.

He's a guy who has the most eclectic taste in music I have ever seen-- He's loves everything from Opera to Gospel to Justin Timberlake.

He's a man who comforts the parent whose child has just committed suicide.

He's a man who loves his own parents and sisters and does his best to keep in touch with them even though we live far away.

He has said goodbye to fellow officers and friends who were taken too soon.

He's the man I cannot imagine my life without and the one I pray is never taken from me.

He's a good man, and he's my Trooper.

Are you the spouse or loved on of a law enforcement officer? Share your real hero behind the badge at #leowchallenge on facebook or Twitter.